Damien Leroy
2008 US National courseracing champion, professional kitesurfer and Cabrinha team rider.

Melissa Gil
Cabrinha sponsored pro-team rider and 2009 Women’s Kitespeed world champion.

Jeremie Tronet
Ocean Rodeo pro-team rider.

Linn Svendsen
Ocean Rodeo pro-team rider.

Mickael Neral
PKRA freestyle competitor and pro-rider.

Dimitri Maramenides
Professional kiteboarder, founder and owner of EPIC kites.

Susi Mai
Cabrinha sponsored pro-rider and multiple winner of Red Bull Queen of the Air.


St Lucia Kitesurfing Fiesta team of judges was headed by:

2010 – Damien Leroy
2011 –  Dimitri Maramenides